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Case Study: Garza Logistics

VYASA TRADING is an African regional logistics and warehousing company with 31 years of cadre and management experience.

Garza Logistics boasts a customer base throughout South Africa and abroad. The company positions itself as a comprehensive reliable and a comfortable logistics service provider with excellent customer service and efficient & swift operations.

A top section of Garza Logistics website displaying the image of a truck, a title text 'Welcome to Garza Logistics' and a subtitle text 'We have 31 years of experience'

Index & Summary

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  • Marginal Branding
  • Trucks are not distinctive
  • No Website or Online Presence of any sort
  • Lack of Trust from potential new Clients


  • Distinctive & Comprehensive Visual Identity Design for both online and offline use
  • Trailer Graphics to advertise the company on the go
  • Website as Information Hub
  • Increase in new Clientele


  • Logo & Brand Elements for Distinct Identity
  • Trailer Graphics Design
  • A Single Page Website to inform & convert the potential client


  • Improved Business Recognition & Increase in Trust due to Professional Look and Feel.
  • Business Revenue Increase due to ease of finding the Business and ease of Contact via the website
A top section of Garza Logistics website displaying the image of a truck, a title text 'Welcome to Garza Logistics' and a subtitle text 'We have 31 years of experience'

Business Pain Points

  • Although having a focused vision, excellent service and distinguished fleet, Garza Logistics had little to no visual identity prior to approaching CKO.
  • Garza Logistics did not have any online presence. Most importantly the company had no website to provide potential clients with information about their Services and ways of Contacting.

Objectives and Goals

  • OBJECTIVE 1: To distill company message and package it into unique visual identity, with focus on the company’s visual branding elements working in different contexts for both online and offline use.
  • OBJECTIVE 2: To create an online presence and outfit Garza Logistics with their own website which would become the hub of information and initial client engagement.
A table top with an analytics report on it and branding team studying the content of the book
Garza Logistics logo in emblem only and emblem with 'Garza Logistics' title and slogan 'From Winter to Summer'
Two side designs and one back design for tautliner truck Garza Logistics branding
A mockup of Garza Logistics website displaying the drafts of website sections

Solutions Process

CloudKraft.Online began the solution process by interviewing the Garza Logistics decision makers to develop the Branding and translate it, as well as the most important information, to the website. The newly developed Branding also had to be translated to the trailer graphics.

CKO developed a comprehensive visual elements for Garza Logistics’ brand language. The company Values and Vision have been distilled into the logo that reflects the fast and efficient service delivery and the elevated sense of excellence through the imagery of the Crane, of colour blue and flowing elegant typography. We have crafted the tagline from ‘From Winter to Summer’ to communicate the company’s range of operations. CKO then went on to translate the branding elements to the tautliner trailer and cargo space design, to be used on the actual trucks.

Garza Logistics requested to start off with a one-page website in order to keep their only most essential content available for viewing. CKO approached the website construction with a landing page in mind, guiding the website visitor through the information with ease of navigation, and culminating with the prompt to contact the logistics company via direct phone, email or contact form.

The website design began with a draft layout with information architecture and features. It was presented to the client to ensure all of the necessary information and functionalities were considered prior to the construction.

Then a prototype site was built and presented to the client to review all of the content in action. The live review allowed CKO to receive precise feedback and make sure all of Garza Logistics’ website elements were to the director’s preference.

Finally, a completed website was presented and approved by VT.


CloudKraft.Online has successfully launched the Garza Logistics website. Currently CKO hosts the site on our 3rd fastest in the world and secure premium servers. CKO and Garza Logistics are preparing to scale the one-pager to a full multi-page multi feature website as well as develop the entire operations digital infrastructure. Stay tuned!

Great work both Online and Offline!

CloudKraft.Online went above and beyond to accommodate us with branding and web design. It was a great experience and a fantastic feeling seeing our new branding on tautliner trailers and the website! We are very pleased with the work done and hope to collaborate with CKO more in the near future.
Sumeshan Chetty
Director, Garza Logistics
The final Garza Logistics website design layout showcasing the website sections

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