Branding, Web & Automation Services for Industrial Sector & Essential Infrastructure.

Brand & Marketing

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

It is becoming more challenging for companies in technical and industrial markets to differentiate on product or service features alone, the shape and delivery of your brand can profoundly affect purchasing decisions.

A great presentation and user experience are more important than ever. Your business deserves to stand out from the crowd with a distinct voice, clearly communicated message, robust brand guidelines and a stunning logo that makes a strong first impression.

Whether you are a startup or established for years, we’ll work together to uphold your existing brand standards, evolve your existing brand or create an all-new distinctive identity to attract bigger and more profitable clients.

Whether B2B or B2C, I believe passionately that good marketing essentials are the same. We all are emotional beings looking for relevance, context and connection. ❞

Beth Comstock, ex-CMO of General Electric

CKO has been building the required expertise in meeting the Design, Branding, User Experience (UX) and Marketing needs of B2B industrial and infrastructure organizations. With our experience in Marketing Strategy, UX, Graphic Design and Content Creation, we’re your single source for Branding and Marketing leadership. We work as an extension of your marketing efforts for strategic and tactical support for designing logos, brochures, social media ads, presentations, business cards, branded spaces and more!

In niche markets and technical industries, the number of potential partners and customers are lower compared to consumer industries and sales cycles are much longer. Because your company’s customer lifetime value is often measured in hundreds of thousands or even millions, every interaction and impression has a 10X effect across your marketing and customer engagement ecosystem.

That’s why your organization needs an exquisite and intuitive brand experience. When your customers notice consistent brand message and high-end visual design across every marketing touchpoint, it sends a powerful message of trust, service quality and professionalism.

With a focus on continuous improvement and process management, you’ll appreciate our accountability to your budget restraints and schedules. There can be a large number of moving parts in a brand creation process, but disciplined project management steers everything in the same direction. Regardless of complexity, you have full project visibility through frequent updates and intuitive, online project management software

Web & Hosting

Turn website visitors into partners and customers.

The website is your firm’s marketing hub. It is often the first way that your potential clients learn about your brand, so it has to work hard — making a visual impression, loading quickly, being secure & hack-proof and helping users find the content they seek — ultimately converting visitors into leads and leads into clients & sales. We effectively work out not only the user experience but the technical aspect of the product as well.

The scope of the website can range from one-page microsites and landing pages to robust e-commerce sites and web applications — and anywhere in-between. Regardless of the size, to generate more leads and subsequent conversions, your website must become a trustworthy and authoritative space in your niche. As a result, you’ll attract more visitors and increase brand visibility. We ensure your website is discovered by your ideal customers on Google and other search engines with consistency, and that it performs well across various devices such as laptops, phones and tablets.

Your website content, display ads and email marketing campaigns must work together, reflecting the quality of your company’s products and services, your professionalism, and how you care for your customer relationships. Because industry clients and partners have little time to waste, you need to guide them as quickly as you can to what they’re looking for. Rather than showing them “marketing fluff,” we will help them find answers to the questions they need. We ensure your website visitors and prospects stick around long enough to learn more about your offerings and dig into your capabilities — turning anonymous web visitors into loyal customers. We will construct a site that will take your business to the next level and will generate a return on investment.

Using disciplined processes and proven, agile methodologies, CKO partners with you to design and build a site that achieves all your goals. After consulting with your organization’s decision makers to define the overall goals, audiences and functionality for the website, we guide the process through Site Architecture (layout, wireframes, overall content strategy), Web Design & Development (including CMS), Fast & Secure Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, and ongoing Data and Analytics Review. Features and functionality are always considered from user experience, visual and development perspectives.

We develop your website within a secure hosting environment and run it through a number of testing tools to ensure it’s fast-loading, secure and reliable. How fast your website loads and its reliability depends on the quality of the hosting platform or server. We believe your web hosting package should have everything you need to have a fantastic experience. Therefore, we ensure that your site is on our world’s top 3 fastest hosting servers that provides excellent performance and security. We also believe your web hosting package should have everything you need to have a fantastic experience.

That’s why all of our Web Hosting Plan include:

  • Automatic SSL Certificates For All Domains/SubDomains
  • Solid State Drives Protected By Raid 10
  • Cloudflare with Railgun Access
  • LiteSpeed Cache (fastest caching system)
  • Nightly Backups (with instant restores function)
  • Automatic Software Maintenance and Updates 
  • Data Analytics Integration

Once launched, your website needs visitors in order to be effective. Social optimization, including increasing the share-ability of your content, SEO, SSL implementation and a variety of related tools and factors all contribute to how “findable” your website is online. We continuously improve our approach to increasingly optimize your website’s effectiveness, ensure that it attracts the right kind of traffic & ranks highly in search results for the queries your most qualified prospects are making with smart SEO strategies, resulting in better visibility, traffic, and most importantly lead quality and quantity. Organic SEO works hand-in-hand with Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which can generate valuable leads even faster through smart, targeted search engine advertising, as well as ongoing Insights and Analytics.

We’ll work closely with you to shape your marketing strategies and tactics with tangible insights from the Analytics Data we collect. Through a continuous cycle of measuring results and adjusting tactics, we will help you drive more of the right visitors to your website, create content your customers will crave, generate more high quality leads, close more sales, and scale your business.

Digital Transformation

Automate. Simplify how you work. Add value to every customer interaction.

Digital Transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.

Although digital transformation will vary broadly based on your specific challenges and demands, there are a few constants and common themes among existing case studies and published frameworks that all business and technology leaders should consider as they embark on digital transformation. Building a 21st-century business on paper files and handwritten ledgers is no longer sustainable. Thinking, planning, and building digitally sets you up to be agile, flexible, and ready to grow. It means asking “What is our technology really capable of, and how can we adapt our business and processes to make the most of our technology investments?”.

We can describe digital transformation as reimagining of business in the digital age via the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers. Beyond that, it’s also a cultural change that requires review of organization and operation of your business, essentially asking how, and why, the business may need to evolve its current conduct.

The “why” of your organization’s digital transformation cause might be around improving customer experience, operational agility, in-business culture and leadership, workforce enablement, reduction of friction, productivity increase, and elevated profitability.

Improving customer and member experience has become a crucial goal – and thus a crucial part of digital transformation for increase in profitability. Our approach is focused on crafting what Boston Consulting Group calls “bionic companies”: organizations that blend best-suited digital and human capabilities and apply them to all aspects of their business. We start by assessing where a company currently stands and where it wants to go. We look at its people, technology, and data. We access its culture, leadership, and governance. And we review the latest industry trends and disruptions. We help companies tie their digital transformation strategy to business goals. CKO has a sharp focus on identifying and delivering measurable business outcomes and ROI.

CKO is customer-oriented and pay much attention to detail that makes you stand out.