Our journey and our team

When we started CloudKraft.Online, our aim was to empower small to medium businesses by giving them support and competitive edge on the Internet. 

Today, we provide full-house specialist services: from business branding and marketing to website development and IT support. Never have to go to a gazillion of specialists again – we will help you build your business and take it online. And without breaking the bank :)”

Cæcilie von Platen,
Director & Co-Founder of CloudKraft.Online

Our story

CloudKraft was started by Cecilie von Platen, a Masters Graduate (M.Sc.IT) of Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany. 

After 23 years of work in the field of I.T. and systems design, Cecilie began her own umbrella company, WolkenKunst Informationstechnologie Gruppe (lit. CloudCraft Information Technology Group) in 2015. After moving to South Africa, Cecilie noticed the demand for high quality affordable Web Hosting and Website Development solutions, especially with the rise of online startups and entrepreneurship culture. Hence, CloudKraft.Online was born in 2019.

With Multimedia Designer and Creative Director Irbis Rosh on board as the creative lead, and Tereza Da Silva in charge of customer support and communications, CloudKraft blurs the line between Art and Technology, combining world-renown German work ethic with understanding of the South African needs and demands and providing best quality services without breaking the bank of their clients.

Meet the team

Introducing our main decision makers.

Cecilie von Platen

Cecilie von Platen

Founder & General Director


Irbis Rosh

Creative Director

Tereza Da Silva

Tereza Da Silva

Leading Consultant